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Introducing “Addiction: Michael’s Song” by Singer/Songwriter Lisa Scinta
Friday, March 11th, 2011

Where are you running? What are you running from? I wish I could save you now. But you’re lost and I don’t know how. You’ve always been so bright. But the light has gone from your eyes. Your love has been replaced. By this poison coursing through your veins…

These are lyrics from Lisa Scinta’s song “Addiction: Michael’s Song.”  I came across Lisa on YouTube where she’s posted original and cover songs for her growing fan base.  I have to say, I was pretty floored by her poetic lyrics and soulful voice.

Lisa is among the 85 million people – including family and friends – in our country affected by addiction.

She writes: “One in eight Americans struggle with addiction of some kind, whether it be drugs or alcohol. Having personally dealt with it, I know how frustrated and helpless you feel when someone you love is lost in their drug of choice. It is an awful way to live, and if you have a loved one that has an addiction, I pray for you and ask that you pray for my brother Michael as well. As always, it’s far from perfect, but I wrote it in one day and felt strongly enough about it to get it up! Thank you for watching :)

Here’s her video:

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