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Songs About Addiction: Introducing Singer/Songwriter Ryan Sy
Friday, January 28th, 2011

We recently came across singer/songwriter Ryan Sy on YouTube.   Inspired by life experiences, Ryan’s songs – a mix of folk and pop, soul and country — carry themes of love, loss, drug addiction and the enduring nature of the human spirit.  Before moving to Atlanta, GA for college, Ryan – a Philippines-native — went to school in Edinburg, Scotland where he first started performing in cafés and open-mic nights.  The positive feedback he received motivated him to take a career in music seriously.  Ryan is currently in Los Angeles recording music.  

We think Ryan is a talented artist and writer, and wish him all the best in his music career.  Here are two of Ryan’s  hit YouTube songs “Fly” and “Symbiote”:


Ryan Sy on his song “Fly”: “It’s easy when you’re young and impressionable to become susceptible to drug use.  In high-school and college, I was constantly exposed to marijuana and cocaine, as I’m sure many students these days are.  By the time I was a sophomore in college, I was no longer fazed by the concept of ‘having a drug problem.’  Everyone I knew seemed to be using drugs (especially cocaine).   I guess it’s easy to ignore the obvious when drug use becomes the norm.  But the truth is that many people lose friends and loved ones to drugs.  It shouldn’t take a tragic loss to realize this – nobody needs that sort of reality check.”



Ryan Sy on his song “Symbiote”: I promise I’m not a geek, but I did sort of get the title for this song from Spiderman.  Basically, the two most famous “Symbiotes” in the comic book were Venom and Carnage.  Although they were human, they came into contact with “alien substances” that gave them superhuman powers.  However, these substances also made them lose themselves; eventually eating away at any humanity they had left.  The thing is that they allowed this to happen because, as a Symbiote, they could overcome the feeling of helplessness they had when they were human.  It’s a bit of a stretch, but drug addiction works the same way.  Drug addicts know that they’re hurting themselves, but for most of them, it really doesn’t matter.  This is a reality that many addicts face – they’d rather lose themselves completely than deal with the problems in their lives.

To learn more about Ryan Sy, visit his website:

Editor’s Note: Music has the power to mend broken hearts.  It also has a way of expressing what we feel when we can’t always say it.  Do you have a favorite song about hope and new beginnings?  Share with us below!

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